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CASTING "Good Kidd"...

Good Kidd

LOGLINE: Justin is a smart yet troubled young man caught between a world of emotion and reason.

SYNOPSIS: Justin, a smart but troubled kid that is caught between who the people  around him think he should be and who he actually is. He's defining what  manhood is as he navigates through the harsh realities of the streets  of Oakland California. Justin, meets his defining moment head on when he  is forced to choose between retaliation or walking away in the ultimate  choice between manhood and childhood. 

To Submit, please send me a message and be sure to type in any  links that will take me to any of your online profiles such as acting pages or social network pages. No attachments allowed with form submission, so I'll only see your name and won't know what you look like if you don't include links. Be sure to include your name and the role you are interested in, in the subject line!!!


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[JUSTIN KING] 13 years old (Lead)  male, African American, gangly and skinny. A young boy on his  way to manhood. Wise beyond his years but can be persuaded by the  pressures around him. (shoots 4 days). 

[JESSICA KADE] 13 years old (supporting) Afr. Amer. female.  The popular girl that’s the right kind of cute  and innocent. Has plans of being successful despite the figures of  failure around her.

[TERRANCE COBBS] 13, (featured) Afr. Amer. male. A bit rotund, the class bully and terrorizer of our protagonist. Very insecure but covers it up by inflicting punishment on anyone that crosses his path.

[TONY KING] mid 20s, (featured) Afr. Amer. male. Not too skinny, nor does he have many muscles, but he uses his good looks and slick mouth to fight most of his battles. He is the middle brother with his own brand of subtle crazy. Shoots 1 day - seeking name talent.

[SEAN KING] 30s, (supporting) Afr. Amer. male. A huge mass of muscles and tattoos. Newly reformed after a stint in prison and vows to never go back.

[SUZANNE KING] mid-late 40s (featured), Afr. Amer. female. The mother of Sean, Tony, and Justin. A hard worker and loves her boys but pities herself because she could never be their father. Must look old enough to have a son who looks 30’s. Shoots 1 day - seeking name talent.

It is Ok to re-post this notice, as long as you include ALL the above details.

Sides for the kid characters are posted on SidesExpress/Showfax.  Adult roles will be sent individually when auditions scheduled.

Director: Jamari Perry
Producers: Katrelle N. Kindred and Sam Vinal
Production Company: 

Red Locust Films and Mutual Aid Media
Pay: $125/Day (SAG Short Film Contract)

Submissions Due: ASAP

Shoot Dates: 10/27/2016 thru 10/30/2016

Shoot City: Oakland

Casting Directors: Leslie Brown

SELF-TAPE Instructions

  Submit via by Saturday, Oct. 8th to

  •   Hold camera horizontally

  •   upload to


  •   Keep the subject line the same

  •   Include a photo and contact info, and city you are in, in the body of your email

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