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Highly Wrong


Pink Smoke


Los Angeles Film School Non-Union Thesis Project

Director: JoJo McCoy

Producer: JoJo McCoy

Associate Producer: Kelly Crawford

Casting Director: Leslie Brown

Start Date(s): 03/12/2021

Audition Date(s): 02/18/2021 thru 02/28/2021

Callback Date(s): 03/01/2021 thru 03/07/2021

SYNOPSIS:  Rejected from her family just before the holidays, a 19-year old poet with a desire for freedom and purpose makes a series of poor choices which she must re-evaluate.


LILY (19)

JENA (19)

AMBER (19)

LILY's MOTHER (40's)

Auditions will be done by Self-Tape submissions. Actors must be local to Los Angeles area.

Final casting decisions will be done by March 7th. Shooting to starts March 12th, 2021


Cerritos, Long Beach, Anaheim, CA, USA

[LILY] (Lead)  Female / Any Ethnicity / 18-25

Thin and somewhat frail with a painted red lip. She is a misunderstood poet. She’s the black sheep of her family. Her parents are wealthy, stubborn, stuck-up, and her mother is a Cruella DeVille type, but Lily is an artistic romantic; a dreamer. Yet, she is a drinker, because she is misunderstood in her world. (smokes pot / drug and alcohol use depicted in the script)
Shoots 6 Days. $125/Day.


[JENA] (Supporting) Female / Any Ethnicity 18-25 A slick mouth soul sista she’s sexy with curves and every bone in her body is “bad.” She’s sexy AND sexually experienced, she’s been in the streets to know what’s going on. Hip to LA. Not sheltered. More mature. Promiscuous. Free with her sexuality. (smokes pot / drug and alcohol use depicted in the script)
Shoots 3-4 Days. $125/Day


[LILY's MOTHER] (Supporting) Female / Any Ethnicity / 40's

Must look mature enough to have a 19-year old daughter. A confidently cruel woman who likes expensive silk pajamas and hot cocoa. She is wealthy and well-groomed with the finer things in life, and concerns herself with her reputation. She is stubborn, stuck-up, and referred to as a “Cruella DeVille" type. For casting, the ethnicity is not specified, but she will need to look believably like she is the mother of the lead LILY.
Shoots 2 Days. $125/Day


[AMBER] (Supporting) Female / Any Ethnicity 18-25 A greasy aggressive hood chick, she wears a black heavy metal t-shirt that drapes over black shorts with high white socks tucked into black vans. Hardened by drugs and experiences. Manipulative and a boss from the streets. She’s a swindler, out for herself. Not your best friend. Was homeless and doesn’t want to go back to that. (smokes pot / drug and alcohol use depicted in the script)
Shoots 2 Days. $125/Day



Please complete all the information in the form.

In your message be sure to type in any links that will take me to online profiles such as acting pages or social network pages, so I can find photos of you.


Unfortunately, no attachments allowed with form submission, so I'll only see your name and won't know what you look like if you don't include links.


All Actors MUST BE LEGAL 18

Film contains some scenes depicting alcohol and substance abuse.

Success! Message received.

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