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SELF-TAPE Instructions


Project Info: MyDiabetes.Diet (app)


SCRIPTED (performed by actors) Video Testimonials. People from different countries in their natural surroundings tell their success stories with the MyDiabetes.Diet app in their own language. Normal body weight (but believable that they could have been overweight or obese before). Attractive, calm, happy, speaking as if from their own experience. It’s important that we don’t see actors looking like they are reading text. You will need to tell the story naturally. The video will need to look natural, but be of a high quality. For Self-taping tips, see this video from Spotlight: How to Self-Tape at Home

to Submit: For initial consideration, you only need to send in a photo via the email link below. If you are selected for an audition, you will be asked to do a video of yourself, using your own equipment in your own location, and using one of the scripts below. 

Needed: Men/Women ages 30-50 (12 roles)

All roles are open to any country if you fit the description and are a native speaker of the specified languages below.

Rate: USD$150 for self-taped scripted (performed by actors) testimonial for a diabetes management app, if you are selected.

Once video is ready

Click button to Upload to Casting

Click here to see an example video of how to frame yourself

Deadline: to submit photos for consideration the deadline should be in the email or notice you received, and my  be extended if we don't find enough options. This project will be fully completed and delivered to the client by the end of April, 2021

Wardrobe: comfortable clothes that you usually wear at home or meeting with friends for lunch. Avoid busy patterns and logos.


Include: photo, contact info, and CONFIRM that you speak one of the following languages as a NATIVE SPEAKER:
          1. NORWEGIAN
          2. ITALIAN
          3. FRENCH
         4. GERMAN
         5. SPANISH

         6. ENGLISH (American)

Also include a link to your online profile, resume, or website if you have this (not required, but helpful) and mention #_______ (site where you saw this notice).

OK to FORWARD!!! Please forward this page if you know someone that fits this description!


NORWEGIAN Speaking Woman

ITALIAN Speaking Woman

NORWEGIAN Speaking Man

ITALIAN Speaking Man

FRENCH Speaking Woman

GERMAN Speaking Woman

FRENCH Speaking Man

GERMAN Speaking Man

SPANISH Speaking Woman

ENGLISH (American) Speaking Woman

SPANISH Speaking Man

ENGLISH (American) Speaking Man



Please review the General instructions again from the top of this page,

and the recommended video on how to set up and film yourself for your audition.

Select the script for your language.

Upload your Videos HERE



IMPORTANT: I CANNOT accept videos sent as email attachments.

Your Audition Videos must be

  1. uploaded to the link, or

  2. preferably to the casting website

where you originally saw the notice.

Include your contact info (name/phone or email)

at the end of your video

so we may reach you for follow up.


Thank you and Best of luck!

 ~ Leslie ~

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